Do Re Me Fa…

Do you include music in any aspect of your life? I tend to think most people do in some form or another. Shall we count the ways?

  • Some people use it as a way to relax–perhaps to be lulled to world other than ours where troubles can be forgotten
  • Others may use music as background “white noise” to aid in concentration and focus to get work done
  • Long commute? You use music as a distraction for the mundane task
  • Time to go into beast mode during your workouts so your #getpumped playlist is blasted

I think you get the picture so for now we’ll stop there. Feel free to comment on how YOU use music in your life.

For me, music does take part in many aspects of my life including:

  • Background music while I’m working (whether it is at the computer, cooking in the kitchen, working in the yard, etc)
  • A way to unwind when just relaxing or hanging out
  • Occasionally used as the backdrop to dance to as a form of exercise or to get a few laughs  🙂
  • And of course, to get pumped and motivated when working out!

There are so many genres of music out there, it is nearly impossible to nail them all down. As a music lover I appreciate most and feel like they each can have a place in my library. If you have not tried it already, give Spotify a look. Their library is far-reaching in music and makes managing and sharing songs/playlists a snap.

For fun, I created a playlist and shared it on WeightWatchers Connect so that everyone could add their favorite songs. Why not add some of your favorites too?

Here is a direct link to follow the collaboration:

Or listen via the player below if you just want to hear a sampling of the songs!

(Word of caution, some language may be NSFW!)