By now I’m sure you’ve heard of Weight Watchers (WW) new enhancement for their SmartPoints® program, dubbed WW Freestyle™. If not, hop on over to this page to learn more.

I’ve had the opportunity to utilize this new tracking over the last several days and thought I’d share some insights about it. First, this was not a drastic change for me other than using less points than I was (which is good because I lost nine daily at the start of it). My diet was focused mainly on lean proteins so it is nice to have so many freebies available. Secondly, hats off to WW for rewarding positive eating choices that are lean and/or rich in protein, healthy fats and nutrients.

As the title of this post suggests, skinless chicken breasts and eggs are now “zero point” foods, along with a plethora of other options like fish, corn, beans, skinless turkey breasts, lentils, non-fat plain yogurts and more! With Freestyle you also get the ability to rollover up to four points daily so today’s strength can overcome tomorrow’s weakness just a little bit. Having this flexibility really can help you make clean and lean eating choices while still having the leeway to indulge on something savory or sweet from time to time.

Watch Out!

That said, I do have some concerns and words of caution on this: calories are calories. Just because you don’t have to log those foods in Weight Watchers, or they log as zero points, you are still in-taking calories. If you consume 3,000 calories of chicken, eggs and yogurt during your day but only burn 1,500 calories, you can make the conclusion of what will happen long-term. My experience taught me that not only are the right foods important, portion control is as well.

As always, if anyone out there is struggling with cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, or other issues, I encourage you too review your diet with your doctor or other healthcare professional.



Photo By: vanessa lollipop