Ever step on the treadmill, put your hands on the heart rate sensor, only to get a palm slick of someone else’s sweat? Awesome!

That scenario is what leads to this post. Sure, there is plenty written online about gym and workout etiquette; however, it really is worth repeating. With the new year fast approaching, January will be packed with fresh faces at the gym looking to meet their New Year’s Resolution head on. Let’s give them some tips on etiquette…

  1. Clean up after yourself. Normally the gym has towels and cleaner available–wipe down the equipment well when you’re done. Come on, this only takes a few minutes and makes the workout environment more comfortable for everyone. Seriously… no one needs to be slathered in your sweat. Cleaning up after yourself also means re-racking those weights!
  2. Keep your voice/music low. Take your cellphone (or even face-to-face) conversation outside if you cannot keep the volume to a private conversation level. No one needs to hear about how lit you got last weekend or how your son’s coach does not believe in equal playing time. Also your undying love for garage bands can remain a secret when you keep the volume at a non-ear drum bursting level (and definitely use headphones–no speakers).
  3. Watch the time. We know you’re preparing for your shot on American Ninja Warrior; however, if you see several people waiting for machines or a treadmill, limit your time to 30 minutes. Go do a different exercise/workout for awhile and then come back. Workout variety and muscle shock is great!
  4. Smile. Remember that everyone is likely at the gym for a common interest. Feel free to be friendly, smile and say hello to that fellow member that you see 2-3 times a week!

Bottom line, the bible verse / mantra that some would say is repeated ad nauseam, “Do unto others as you would have done to you”, is something I feel quite fitting here. What do you think?

What would you add to the rules?


Photo: Jeff Blackler