you on your path to a healthy lifestyle?

Are you feeling better, have more energy, can’t wait to get up and seize the day?

Have you been dropping the pounds like a champ for months *but* now have been up and down the same few pounds for a few weeks?

You’ve hit a Plateau!

Is that a defeated moan I hear? It happens to the best of us… I’ve been fighting the same 1.5 pounds for weeks now. Up and down I go as I check my weight every couple days. Have I been discouraged, of course, I’m human. Have I given up? I can be honest, some times it’s tough, and I thought about saying the heck with it. For the most part, I stuck to our normal “healthy lifestyle” routine we have become accustomed to. Unfortunately, that has not worked…

So what am I trying now you ask?

To be honest, not much new. I’m really hoping I can bust through this soon. I’d like to see the 220’s by the end of March, April the latest. Let’s see what happens. Here’s what I am trying:

  • Stick to the Weight Watchers Freestyle plan
  • Log all foods even if they are “free”/0SP foods
  • Maintain appropriate portions on those “free”/0SP foods
  • Eat often, even just a 0SP snack, so that I do not have more than two hours between consuming something
  • Try to keep moving as much as possible–even if it is just a one minute walk every half hour
  • Water, lots and lots of water. I’m trying to clear over 150 ounces daily
  • Stay positive

The last one may be the most difficult if this continues much longer. That said, this morning I did weight in down, 239.3–let’s hope that trend continues!

What do you do when you’ve hit a weight loss plateau?


Photo By: Franchise Opportunities